Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Appointments, appointments, more appointments. First I had to fill out my health history using the bariatric center's online tool. Then I met with the surgeon, got weighed, measured, etc, etc. Next, sleep study. I tried to upload a pic from that, but it wasn't working. Basically I slept at the sleep lab with all kinds of wires hanging off of me. The verdict: I do not have sleep apnea! Yay!! I had to have alot of blood drawn, have an abdominal ultrasound and have a psych eval. My blood work came back ok-high sugar, of course. My abdominal ultrasound showed that I have a fatty liver. Huh. So the doc says he wants me to lose 15 lbs or so before surgery to shrink the liver so he can see to operate laproscopically. I was like, um...isn't that why I am here? I can't lose weight!! I guess I will try. lol :) Here are some pics from some of my appointments:

Next step, preop class at the bariatric center. Guess what? They told me how the surgery would be performed again!! lol! I had read my handbook beforehand so I knew alot of what they would tell me, but it was still good to hear again. Not looking forward to that liquid diet (haha) but I got some good ideas and know more what to expect.
After the class I had a couple of hours to kill before my Preop Admissions Testing at the hospital so I went to Costco, Burger King (haha), and Wal-Mart. I also got a sonic blast. Hehe. At Pre-Admissions Testing I had to answer lots of questions, pee in a cup, have blood drawn, have my oxygen and CO2 levels tested, have an ekg, and sign papers. Everything went well. I also got info on a living will which I need to look at and fill out.
So I am 16 days away from surgery and getting very anxious...I have been reading blogs online and it is kinda scary, but I still want to do it...I think. lol Before pics coming soon...

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